Water & Chemical Storage Process Tank

We design and fabricate all sizes of standard or customized water tank as well as chemical tank for all applications.

Our modular FRP panel design water tank is conformed to Singapore Standard SS245:1995. It offers greater flexibility for installation, light weight, rust free (improves sanitation) and longer service life as compared to the conventional stainless steel tank construction.

We have years of experience in process tank manufacturing, especially for tanks containing highly corrosive chemical that requires careful design, material selection and construction. We also provide OEM manufacture for many process equipment, such as FRP clarifier, underground tank for sewerage treatment plant, FRP diesel tank, sludge tank and FRP silo.

Dilution Tank

From the design & fabrication to tank & piping installation at site, we offer turn-key solutions to your wastewater dilution needs. Our dilution tanks are suitable for laboratories where they are installed below lab benches and sinks for local dilution before channelling to the main drain.

Our FRP constructed dilution tanks can be custom designed to suit site requirements where space might be a concern. All our dilution tanks come with internal baffle plates for longer retention time and removable top cover for easy maintenance.