Pump & SCR System

Quadt Chemical Immersion Pumps TP Series are suitable for the handling of aggressive, down-viscous liquids such as acids, caustic solutions, solvent, sea water, demineralised water and many more.
The operational areas are in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile and leather industries, glass and ceramic industry, iron-producing and – processing industry, environmental protection plants such as drinking and industrial water preparation, waste water purification and air pollution control.

Applications are feed pumps, recirculation pumps, filtration pumps and discharge pumps.

They are suitable to run dry without any liquid and are insensitive to liquids containing solids, since there are no bearings or seal elements within the liquid area. They are used in situations where conventional materials only yield a short working life at high corrosive stress.

All materials that come in contact with the liquid are made of high quality thermoplastic plastics. As standard the pumps are made of Polypropylene (PP). The maximum working temperature is +80°C. Higher temperatures are possible on request.

Construction details:
Able to run dry, no bearings or seal elements within the liquid area – long working life
Sealing of the shaft against aggressive vapours with maintenance free lip seal
No special drive motors needed.

Performance range:
8 Sizes with flexible Impeller diameters
Motor power up to 34.5 kW
Flow rates up to 280 m³/h
Total head up to 32 m
Immersion depths up to 1500 mm