Air Pollution Control (APC)

We offer APC solutions through the use of Scrubber Systems, Activated Carbon Filters and Exhaust / Ventilating Systems for various industries which are required by their processes, by laws or by company policies to offer protection for the environment.

All our scrubber and activated carbon systems are designed by our team of experienced engineers / managers who have years of experience behind them. The scrubbers and carbon filters are manufactured in-house, thus leading to tighter QC, better control in lead time and lower costs, all of which are added values passed to our customers.

We also provide consultation to clients on Air Pollution Control for their business needs. A formal proposal can be provided as well.

As an APC specialist, we offer the best possible economic solutions and viable options for all your APC needs such as fume, acidic & alkaline gas and particulate controls.

We are also an OEM manufacturer for scrubber vessels, chemical tanks and carbon filter vessels which are commonly used in APC applications for both local and overseas APC suppliers.

Our APC Products:

  • Horizontal Cross-Flow Scrubber System
  • Vertical Countercurrent Scrubber System
  • Emergency Scrubber System
  • Mini Scrubber Suitable for Cleanroom and Laboratory Operations
  • Activated Carbon Filter System
  • Exhaust and Ventilating System
  • Dosing System